Tree A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

Trees are species that are unique to us. They are the true gifts of the Mother Earth and are the main reason behind our happy survival on this planet. Without trees, human life becomes more than impossible to thrive. 

Trees show their love to the mankind in many ways:

1.Provide fresh oxygen that is quintessential for humans to survive

2.Give food in the form of fruits, stems, vegetables, roots, juices and many more

3.Offer medicinal valued products and valuable items such as sandal, wood, timber etc.

4.Play huge role in maintaining ecological balance

5.Critical for maintaining temperatures of the Earth and to avoid global warming

6.Reduce pollution by taking in carbon dioxide and provide fresh air

Unfortunately, trees are being felled down to a large extent in the name of urbanization and expansion of cities. This is becoming inevitable due to the ever increasing population and to accommodate them, forests and outskirt areas of cities that are rich of trees and green, are being forced to change their face.

How Trees Play a Role in improving our Health?

As mentioned, trees primarily give oxygen. And not just this, trees are the best friends for maintaining our health in many ways:

Trees refresh our minds

Researchers say that when human minds get tired, looking for some time at wallpapers that contain greenery can help them relax. Imagine, how good will be done if you look a real tree instead. Trees are green in colour and as per colour therapy that is the best colour that will relax our minds. So, next time you feel stressed, forget everything and look at a tree or a plant nearby you. Observe how beautiful its leaves, buds, stem, flowers are. You will regain calmness and peace of mind.

Home garden keeps you healthy

Gardening is good for body, mind and soul. While gardening, you get plenty exercise without your knowledge. You can get fresh produce of fruits and vegetables from your home garden. Gardening is proven to distress your mind and thus your soul gets enough rejoice. Thus, having a home garden is an all in one tip to maintain your good health.

Trees in neighbourhood rejoice everyone

Community gardening or planting of trees is good in many ways. It improves relations among the members of the community. It keeps the locality green and fresh. Having a community garden invites birds, flies and such lovely species, which means more colours to your area and more relaxation. 

Plants provide natural cure

Plants such as basil, pepper, ginger, mint, coriander, etc. can be easily grown in home kitchen or balcony. They serve as good cure for many small ailments and discomforts. This means you are more confident and at peace when you have such plants at home. 

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Happy and healthy gifting! Wish you and your dear ones a healthier and happier life!!!

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