Tacts to Ensure Flowers are Fine - Part 2

The Place: Keep in mind that sultry ambiences (where sunlight gets direct access and the tide of air is heavy) are ruinous for the health of the snipped blossoms since in such ambiences, water secretion from the blossoms heightens and therefore their withering away speeds up. So do avoid in keeping the cut flower bunches or arrangements over the T.V Sets, near to the Hot Air Vents, under the Ceiling Fans and at the Entry Door of a place. Sites which are moisture-filled and shadowy are accurate for the fitness of the pruned flowers.

The Food: You need to add a beneficial Flower Fodder time and again to the water which is consumed by the cut flowers. The Flower Fodder must contain Sugar, Bleach and an Acidifier. The Sugar supplies the necessary nutrition to the flowers, the Bleach guards them from aqua fungus and the Acidifier keeps an eye on the water's pH level of and sees to it that the stems do not get dry.

Endeavor at these formulas and protect the beauty of the cut blossoms for a continued time-stretch.

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Posted on: 3/28/2019 7:04:45 AM

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