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All through the year, 365 days, we keep coming across many celebrations - festivals, family celebrations, official days, national celebrations, etc. But Mother's Day is something that has no strings attached with it. It can be celebrated by every human living on this Earth.

Greatness of Mother

Without mother, there is no continuation of the existence of any species on this Earth. In fact, we often call this planet Earth as Mother Earth, because this beautiful planet filled with trees, air, and water is the ultimate reason for our survival here. Such is the greatness of the term 'Mother'.

A mother bears all the pain to give birth to her child. She forgets all the pain and inconvenience she has suffered in bearing her child in her stomach for all the nine months long, as soon as she sees that loving and little innocent face of her child. The moment a woman knows that she is pregnant with her dream child, she starts taking care of herself more than ever. And this is not for her, it is for her child to be born! Thus even before a child comes out onto this world, a mother is already born!

Motherhood is not a simple task that can be learned in one day or night. It is a lifelong responsibility. It is well said that a mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's. A mother is everything to her children. She inspires,protects, teaches, cares, loves, guides, sacrifices. She can do unachievable things too for her children. That is the power of mother's heart.

Mother's Day Celebrations 2019

Mother's day is celebrated across the world during the spring season as a mark of love and respect to mothers. Though the idea originated in North America, it gradually found recognition and now almost all countries across the globe are celebrating this beautiful occasion. 

1.    In India, Mother's Day is on the second Sunday of every may. And so is in USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, Japan, Philippines, and South Africa

2.  In Arab countries, Mother's Day is on March 21st.

3.  In European countries, this occasion is on March 8th.

4.  In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mother's Day is on the fourth Sunday of Lent Season.

On Mother's Day, Christians offer prayers to the Virgin Mary, the Goddess of Motherhood as per the Christianity. Early age Greeks used to offer prayers to Goddess Rhea, the wife of Cronus, and celebrate a 3-day long festival. Romans, too, used to perform similar celebrations and perform worship of Goddess Cybele who was considered the epitome of motherhood, according to Roman culture, they even had a special 3-day long festival called Hilaria and celebrated it during every Spring with games, parades, and celebrations.

Gifts to Mothers on Mother's Day

Though we can never repay our mothers, we can show that we care for them by gifting beautiful and unique gifts on this beautiful occasion. Here is a good list of gifting ideas that you can use to gift your mother on this Mother's day 2019.

Fresh Flowers-Roses, Daisies, Tulips and many more!

Cakes- Flavoured, Decorated, Eggless Cakes, Photo Cakes, etc.

Chocolates- Flavoured, Assorted, Handmade, etc.

Photo Frames- Of various shapes and designs

Books and Hobby items

Sugarless Sweets, Fresh Fruit Baskets and Dry Fruit Baskets

Organic Cosmetic Kits and Spa Kits

Watches and Handbags

Customized Coffee Mugs and Pillows, etc.

One main thing that you have to remember is when you want to send Mother's Day Gifts to Bangalore, choose a reputed provider of online Flowers delivery in Bangalore for Mother's Day and Eggless Cakes for best mom in Bangalore express delivery to ensure that your gifts are delivered perfectly on time!

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom! Happy Gifting!

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