Meaning of Flower Colour

All of us have common experience with gifting Flowers, at least at some point in time we might have received Flowers in our life so far. But have you ever wondered why Flower Bouquets come in so many ranges of colours and mixed and matched offers? No, the reason is not just that because Flowers are born in various colours. There is a lot more that one should know why Flower Bouquets come in various colours and when to choose which colour perfectly.

Significance of Flower Bouquets of various colours

Flowers convey the same feel - fresh, pure and soothing. But when it comes to bouquets, each colour carries a different meaning. While one can symbolize love and affection, another one can show sympathy and care. Let's move along to know which colour flower bouquet carries what sort of meaning. 

Red Flowers

The most popular colour, often synonymous to convey love! They suit well for people who want to be noticed, seek others attention and are daring in nature. 

Red also symbolizes brave, courage and admiration and yes, passion too! Red coloured Flowers make a perfect choice for lovers, wife or husband. 

Roses, Tulips, Geraniums, and Poppies are most popular for red coloured Floral Bouquets.

Pink Flowers

Pure, delicate and gentle - this is what pink stands for. Pink is often the most found and delicate colour for bouquets owing to its suitability to any relation. You can choose this for your mother, sister, or any female relation to convey your admiration to their feminity.

Lilies, Roses, Carnations, and Azaleas are often most popular in pink.

Blue Flowers

Blue- God blesses you! Yes - blue represents serenity and calmness. It suits very well if you want to say sorry to someone or calm them down instantly.  Blue flowers also relax and distress in a magical way.

Orchids, Hydrangeas, Morning Glories, Roses, and Cornflowers are mostly used to make Blue Flower Bouquets.

White Flowers

Here comes white- The queen of all colours. This is yet another choice when you don't know which colour to choose from flowers. 

A white coloured bouquet represents purity and sympathy. This makes a good choice for elders or people you want to wish a speedy recovery.  

Orchids, Roses, Lilies, Carnations, and Daisies are most often used White Flowers by florists to make white Flower Bouquets.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow symbolizes energy and happiness. You can order online Flower delivery with yellow flowers if you want to congratulate someone on their success. This colour goes well for friends to be specific.

Sunflowers, Roses, Daisies, Gladulies, Gerberas, and Tulips offer the best yellow shade for bouquets.

Orange Flowers

Orange is a lively colour. It is bold and dynamic. It conveys happiness and excitement perfectly. Choose an orange bouquet from Gladulies, Tulips, Marigolds, Zinnias or Roses and you are all set to display your enthusiasm.

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers- Looks royal, dignified and classy. People who have elegant taste fall in love with purple coloured flowers. If you want to impress people with rich taste, or show admiration and adoration to them, purple flowers are a perfect choice for you.

Daisies, Orchids, Roses, and Lilies are the most used for purple bouquets.

So, what's more? We have decoded which coloured flower stands for what. This should help you to choose an elegant Flower Bouquet next time when you wish to send Flowers to Bangalore. 

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Just make sure the colour of flowers match the occasion and the recipient, and your bouquet will win the heart of your dear ones!

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