How to play a safe Holi

Holi is definitely a festival of fun. You find Colors, water, fun, food - all around us. However, like for any other celebration, safety should be made a priority too. Accidents can happen any time in any form. Hence utmost care needs to be taken in all aspects possible.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to play a safe Holi and stay safe from the side effects:

1. Apply oil thoroughly to hair and skin before stepping out to play with colors. This reduces the chance of color seepage into skin and also protects your hair from damage.

2. If you are playing with colored water, make sure that you do not throw water directly onto the face. Else, the other person may swallow it or the colors may enter the eyes and nose, which can be hazardous. You should practice this tip for yourself too.

3. Instead of artificial and store brought colors that contain harmful chemicals, choose playing with natural ingredients such as henna powder, turmeric, powder of dried flower petals, etc.

4. Prefer pink and red colors for playing as they can be removed easily afterwards compared to green, purple, yellow and orange.

5. When kids are playing, keep an eye on them and take care that they do not swallow colored water or directly punch water using sprayers onto the other kids face or eyes.

6. Preferably, wear full sleeves dress and cover your hair with hat and eyes with goggles. This reduces the exposure of eyes, skin and hair to colors.

7. Don't eat in middle of playing Holi. You will end up putting colors into your stomach. Take a good wash after playing is done and then only eat home cooked food with clean hands.

8. If you have consumed alcohol or Bhang, never drive immediately. Drink and drive is always dangerous, and do not let fun dominate your safety.

9. When playing with a group of kids, girls and women, and elders, take enough care about each one separately. Respect every individual and do not barge in such that you hurt their privacy or decency.

10. If someone plays with colored water or liquids, try to wash off immediately then and there itself. It may become a hectic task later on.

11. When trying to remove colors afterwards, do not use harsh methods that would damage your skin. Choose kitchen ingredients to remove colors and wash your hair.

12. It can be fun in looking at your Holi pics when you are wearing brand new white dress fully smudged with colors. Unless you want to regret losing that pretty white dress, it would always be a good idea to wear an old dress that you no longer want to wear for playing Holi.

13. Holi is a time when mobs would be roaming on the streets. Unless it is really needed, never venture out once it gets dark, even with friends.

14. Take care about elders if they may slip and fall on wet floors. It is always good to have pain killers, pain reliever sprays and such things handy.

Holi is festival of colors, not water. So, please do not waste drums of water in the name of fun. Play wisely and let the Mother Earth enjoy the festival from her heart deep.

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