How to choose a Floral Gift for Dad

Father's Day is an international celebration that celebrates the greatness of the father in its true spirit. Though the roots lie in Europe, the Father's Day celebrations are now vast spread all across the world. This makes a perfect occasion to wish, talk and spend the day with fathers, despite having a busy schedule and a hectic life.

Why a father is a hero to his child?

A father is the first hero of his children. He sets role model in everything - talking, dealing with persons, working style, dressing style, playing and spending time with them - children observe each and everything from their dads and frame a mindset based on his actions. This mindset forms a basis for their future and hence a dad is the first hero and role model to his child.

A father ensures that his child will not do wrong. In case if a child does any wrong, he corrects them and ensures that they will always find his love and support. Children, especially daughters are more attached to their fathers. They treat them as their hero of life and compare their qualities in the ones they want to share their life too! Such is the level of respect that adoring daughters give to their fathers. 

It is apply said that no one is able to make female a queen except her father. This is so true. The moments a father takes his child in his hands, he promises to himself that this is something he will cherish lifelong. In the case of girls, when they get married and move out, fathers are the ones who become uncontrollable in their emotions. They can never imagine how to spend the rest of their lives with their little daughter all away from them. Daughters, too, cry their heart full not able to leave their dads once they are leaving their parents' home after marriage. Such is the beauty of a daughter-father relationship.

Father's Day Gifts Online

Are you staying away from your dad due to your job, family or other reasons? Don't worry. Make him feel the essence of this father's day by sending a memorable gift from a wide range of online gifts for Father's Day.

Confused about what to send to your father? Let us give you one safe bet - Flowers. Yes, flowers convey your love and respects to your father in a great way. Send Roses with Cakes to Bangalore and make your father feel special on this beautiful day. 

Looking for online Bouquet delivery in Bangalore? Well, here are some ideas that you can add along with a Flower Bouquet:

Coffee Mugs: Get a photo of you and your dad printed on a beautiful Coffee Mug and gift it to him. Want to make it peppy? Add a quote that tells how great your father is for you!

Perfumes and Scents: Send your dad an imported perfume of his favourite scent and make him feel special. Watch the pride on his face as he puts on that scent!

Chocolates and Sugarless Sweets: Remember your dad bringing home chocolates for you, every day he was back home from the office when you were young? Why not remind him of those sweet memories? Send your dad a delicious box of Chocolates in a variety of flavours. Worried about sugar levels or his health? Well, Sugarless Sweets and Chocolates too make a great choice that you can send along with Flowers to Bangalore. 

Besides these, how about sending a cake with a customized message on it? Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Your father will remember those memorable moments when he cuts the Father's Day Cake that you have gifted. Won't he? Definitely, he will!

Well, enjoy your gifting! Happy Father's Day to you and your dad!

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