Best Rakhi Gifts for Brothers

Rakhi festival is around the corner and any guess who got busier!! Yes, all brothers and sisters in India are now very busy with Rakhi shopping. Rakhi special ethnic apparel, designer and customized Rakhis in various designs, Rakhi gifts, Rakhi sweets, Rakhi home decor - the to-do list is endless. 

Rakhi festival is an important festival of India which celebrates the beautiful relation of siblings in its truest form. On this festival, sister tie Rakhi - the divine thread that symbolizes their relation and the sibling bond - around the right-hand wrist of their brother. Every sister who ties Rakhi to her brother on this festival, which falls on the full moon day of Sravana month as per the Indian lunar calendar, remains protected by her brother throughout her life. Besides, every brother who gets Rakhi tied on this day shall remain happy and victorious forever. This is not just a belief; the tradition of Rakhi tying is in practice since ancient times in India. 

There are many legends around rakhi and its significance. Most prominent ones are the ones related to Lord Sri Krishna and his sister Draupadi, and Yama, the great lord of Death, and his sister the Yamuna, and Lord Indra and Sachi Devi during a battle with demons. All of these show the power of the thread that is tied around the wrist on this day, and this practice has turned into Rakhi in modern times.

Indians wherever they are residing in the world, owing to their jobs, businesses and family reasons, make sure that they do not miss celebrating this beautiful festival. Though it is customary that brothers visit their sister's place and get Rakhi tied and gift her to make her happy, siblings who are far away are not ready to lose this tradition in any way. They are making the best use of online Rakhi gift portals and Rakhi shopping sites and sending online Rakhis and Rakhi gifts.

Are you looking to send Rakhi to Bangalore? Do you need clarity on choosing Rakhi Gifts to Bangalore? Or are you confused about selecting the Rakhi Gifts for Brothers? Here is a brief guide that will help you in choosing a perfect Rakhi gift to your brother.

1.For studious brothers: If your brother is studious and academic-oriented, gift him a nice Book, Desk Decor or Divine Figurines, Sweet Boxes, Wallets, and Watches along with a traditional Rakhi.

2.For fun-loving brothers: Printed Coffee Mugs, T-shirts with quirky messages, Room Decor, Bike or Car Figurines for desk decor, Coffee Mug printed with his Zodiac sign, Rugged Watches, and Trendy Wallets, Handmade Chocolate Boxes will make a perfect choice along with a trendy Rakhi.

3.For elderly brothers: Sugarless Sweets, Dry Fruit Boxes, Idols of Lord Balaji, Ram and Krishna, etc, books on spiritualism and religion, etc will make good gifts. A loving photo of yours and your brother made into an amazing frame will also bring back sweetest memories from your childhood. 

4.For hobbyist brothers: You have plenty of options here. Choose a gift item related to your brother's taste - Cricket Kits, Guitar or Piano, Stamp Collection Kits, Coins, and other collectibles - you can gift anything depending on your brother's hobby.

5.For fitness freak brothers: Is your brother a gym-goer or a fitness enthusiast? Consider gifting him Dumbbells, Shakers, Exercise Shoes, Home Gym Equipment, etc. 

6.For kid brother: For a kid brother, the best Rakhi gifting option would be Chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk etc. You can opt for various Board Games like Scrabble, Mastermind, Chess, Monopoly etc. Bat & Ball would be the favorite of most of kid brothers. Get these kids special gifts delivered with Angry Bird Rakhi, Speiderman Rakhi, Chota Bheem Rakhi and so on.

How can we forget Cakes, Chocolates, Flower Bouquets, Sweets, etc. that are a part of every celebration, including Rakhi! Go ahead and pick a Rakhi gift that your brother will love and make him feel special on this beautiful day that celebrates a sibling bond!

Happy Rakhi festival and Happy Gifting!!

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