5 Best Crafts for Valentine's Day 2021

“Love is in the air- for surely Valentine's Day is approaching. Celebrated with pristine love, this festival of romance is observed as a week-long rejoicing, starting with the Rose Day on 7th February and ending on 14th February with the gala Valentine's Day. There can be a gazillion reasons for this event's popularity world-wide. The day is commemorated with lovely messages and greeting or gifts from loved ones- it is an occasion for one and all, a way to express the purest form of love. With the changing phase of the world, V-Day celebration can be observed as grand parties or a private rendezvous. Delicious desserts, the romantic date nights, the lovey-dovey movies, heart shaped greetings card and a whole gamut of fascinating V-Day presents take precedence in our to-do list, weeks before the event. As opposed to the popular belief of Valentine's Day being a lover's day or a day only meant for those who are in love, in today's time anyone and everyone can celebrate this beautiful day in their own ways. While Valentine's Day is celebrated in most countries, different cultures have developed their own traditions for this festival. In some parts of the world Valentine's Day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends, rather than that of romantic couples. Some traditions include leaving lollies and gifts for children and others include acts of appreciation between friends. V-Day is also celebrated in schools and institutions, where children express their love with peers and mentors. Celebrating friendship after all something we all agree with. If you wish to do something extraordinary on this day, maybe like involving the entire family or a bunch of friends and loved ones in the festivities, making Valentine's Day crafts can be a great idea. V-Day crafts can be for kids as well as people for all age groups and make for the absolute unique gift that you can hand out to someone you love. Few outstanding craft ideas for V-Day 2021 include:

1. Heart-Shaped 3-D Paper cut Greetings Card decorated with sequins- This amazing card will express your love and affection in the perfect way. The time and effort that you put for making this beautiful card will make your celebrations a memorable one.

2. A center-piece for V-Day dinner table made with items like pencils, pens, eco-friendly items like recycled paper& scented candles- A flower vase can be made by gluing pens or pencils together. You can personalize it with the decoration or your choice. Scented candles can also be decorated by wrapping them with creep, lace or sequins, whose aroma will be engraved in the memory for a long time to come.

3. Hand-print craft ideas- these are the best way to keep the kids engaged and teach them the value of gifting something made with their own hand or foot prints. You can give different shapes like flowers, butterfly or even peacock by adding a few extra strokes to the print. You can frame it to make it a sweet forever memory of the occasion.

4. Friendship bracelets and necklaces made from heart-shaped paper cut-outs or round beads- These trinkets can be personalized as per the taste and desire of the maker or receiver of the gift. These special gifts can be made with a lot of joy and when gifted to a dear one, will make for an amazing V-Day gift.

5. Tree that blossoms heart shaped flowers- This is a project that the kids would simply love. You can cut out their hand print on a brown-paper and shape it as a flowering tree. Small colourful heart-shaped flowers can be cut-out from origami papers and glued to the branches to give it a lovely V-Day look- the perfect tree on this festival of love!

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