Knowledge - Fill Your Fondness for Flowers
Whenever you behold a view of stupendous blossoms dwelling over a plant, you wonder “Can there be anything more wonderful than this?”. Indeed the visual treat of flowers has no equal in this universe. The angelic comeliness and softness that we get to see in the blossoms Pretty Colorful Two Dozen Mixed Roses are supreme to every other existing beauty of the earth. Deliver Flower Collections to Bangalore and make your valued ones entranced with the allure of blooms.

Flowers are the best gifts of this world to transmit, most articulately, thoughts and greetings to the exquisite one of life, to dear buddies and to endeared relatives. The freshness of the flowers Zesty Bouquet of Brilliant Blossoms lets the receiver feel the presence of the sender, their incense enables the receiver to bond to the heart of the sender and their delicateness makes the receiver experience the adoration of the sender. In the human society, flowers enact not only as elements of pure joy, but also as prime messengers of words and thoughts from one human heart to another. Bird of Paradise, Carnations, Daisies, Gerberas, Lilies, Magnolia, Orchids, Roses, Tulips, Zinnias are some of the famed flowers that continue to steal the soul of mankind forever.

Bird of Paradise

Bird-of-Paradise (BOP) is a brilliant orange-blue Flower that owns the shape of a bird floating in the air. It has the honor to be the most chromatic flower of nature and is upheld as the flower of Paradise. Having its origin in South Africa, BOP blooms at the phase of September to May. BOP has the distinguished pattern of a bird’s beak and its head feathers and hence gets its name. The symbol of Tropical Flowers, BOP also endorses the plain but exuberant mirth of living every day. The BOP plant, scaling from 4 feet to 5 feet and spreading to the breadth of 2- or 3-foot is highly preferred for texturing picture-perfect landscapes. Along with the eye-affecting illuminated Blooms, the dense, waxy and shining leaves of the BOP plant, arranged in a crown-like design and possessing the breadth and height of 6 inches and 18 inches respectively, also amplifies the prettiness of the plant. These leaves resemble like Birds-of-Paradise foliage looks like the little banana leaves with long petioles but deviating from the banana plant, the BOP plant donot have trunks. The BOP blooms are born from the pink and green boat-patterned stems of the plant and exhibit a glorious orange color that gets matched with the compact blue beak texture.

In the Exotic Flower Family, BOP Exotic Flowers - Office Arrangement is the most renowned one and is also the prime pick for patterning bouquets of Tropical Flower. Its unique charismatic shape and glowing color also makes it most desirable among the florists.

The BOP plants always need very warm and moist climate to live. Added to the warmth of the full-fledged sun, the weather scale of 65-70ºF. (18-21ºC) at day time and not less than 50ºF (10ºC) at night time suit perfectly for the growth of the BOP plant. The BOP is comfortable over the wettish soil during seasons of spring and summer and during the stretch within the fall and the season of winter, it requires a little dry soil. When the dryness of winter prevails, it is required to water the BOP plants regularly, so that they continue getting the wet and dewy ambience with which they are habituated. The city of Los Angeles entitles BOP as its floral symbol.

Further popular as the Crane Lily, BOP is cultivated in the following 4 sorts:

White Birds-of-Paradise
Mountain Strelitzia (Botanical Name)
White or Giant Birds-of-Paradise or Wild Banana or Blue-and-White Strelitzia (Botanical Name)
African Desert Banana


These originally Eurasian flowers naturally get born in the color of pinkish-purple. The two Greek Words “Dios”( Lord Zeus) and “Anthos” (Flower) make up the name “Dianthus” which is the botanical title of Carnations. Alongside with their natural color, Dianthus are also cultivated in the colors of Dark Red, Yellow, Purple and Pink.

Carnations get divided to 3 types in accordance to their numbers and magnitude:

Large Blossom Carnations: 1 large Bloom out-blooms over each stem.

Dwarf Blossom Carnations: Uncountable little blossoms out-bloom over each stem.

Mini Carnations or Spray Carnations: Inflorescence of spike pattern consisting of countless tiny Blooms.

Renowned as the “Flowers of God”, Carnation Scintillating 24 Red Carnations in Heart Shape is taken in faith to be the most primary and utmost angelic Bloom in this universe. Pink Carnations is esteemed as the tear drops of Virgin Mary that fell when she lamented over Christ’s torture.

Now know few details about the distinctive colors of Carnations:

Carnations (all colours) - Womanly heart’s feel of being in love, being entranced by someone.

White Carnations - Divine love, Cheerful Greetings, Token for Condolence.

Light Red Carnations - “I Admire You So Much”, “Wish You A Very Happy Birthday”.

Dark Red Carnations - “I Miss You My Love”, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom”.

Yellow Carnations - “My Heart Aches”, “Life Is Hard”.

Purple Carnations - “How Enigmatic!”.

Pink Carnations - “How Much Chaste A Mother’s Love Is!”, Floral Souvenir Mother’s Day.

Flecked Carnations - Mental suffering, “Sorry But I Reject You”.


Daisies are blooms with a soft yellow center and dainty petals of color white. They are originally from the lands of Central and North Europe and open-up when breaks the dawn.

The Old English phrase of 'Daes Eag', which implies 'Day's Eye' makes up the ‘Daisy’ name of this flower. Flowering from the inception till the middle of summer, Daisy is basically composed of two blooms. The white petals are taken to be one separate bloom and the yellow or blue bosom, which forms an ‘eye’, is considered to be the another separate bloom. Daisies Multi-Colored Seasonal Flower Basket with Fillers find both the sunny and shadowy climates fitted for their growth and donot ask for much of a care for living; and are hence highly sought-after ones for Flower Gardening. However good irrigation and the weather scale of 30°F (-34°C) are the two conditions for their flourish. The ‘Vascular Plants’ family, that constitutes almost 10% of all Flowering plants on Earth is the native family of Daisies. Conditions of indigestion, cough, bleeding can be healed by using Daisy Flower extracts and believing Homeopathy the extracts also act as remedial agent for backaches. Daisy is a renowned and applauded Wild Flower that is much selected for texturing Flower Bouquets. This bloom endorses enlightenment, faithfulness, morals and complete belief. White Daisies are popularly availed to wish to a pair heart-felt appreciation and greetings on their 5th year marriage anniversary.

Daisies get divided into the following 2 sorts:

Daisy Flower is popular in the world as Shasta Daisy and African Daisy.

i) Shasta Daisy (named after California’s volcano mountain Mount Shasta) is a Daisy with white petals. It is a top pick for creating Flower Arrangements and for dressing up garden bed.

ii) African Daisy is an immensely bright Blossom which is entitled as the ‘Goddess of the Sun’ for having such a blazing glory. Its petals remain open when the sun is high on the sky and close themselves when the sun sets and on days when there is cloud. Also called by the name of African Cape Marigold, this type of Daisy out-blooms from April to August and is cultured in colors of apricot, orange, yellow and white.


Gerberas are basically delicate perennial flowering plants and a hybrid type. They originate in the lands of tropical Asia, Africa, Madagascar and South America.

The following are the 4 renowned types of Gerberas:

Single Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own lines of non-overlying ray florets/petals and a green center or disc florets.

Double/Duplex Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own 2 lines of overlying petals and a green, black, or dark red, green or black center.

Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own 2 lines of overlying petals with 1 or more inside line of little petals and a black, dark red eye or green bosom.

Full Crested Double Flower Gerberas - These Blooms own complete overlying lines of petals and a little row within, thus creating a safe cover over the center.

Gerbera Tender Assemble of Fifteen Mixed Gerberas has a broad Capitulum which though looking like 1 Flower, is bascially made of 100s of single blooms. Gerbera’s Flower Heads scale from 7 cm (Gerbera Mini 'Harley') to 12 cm (Gerbera ‘Golden Serena’) in broadness. Its two-rim ray florets look marvelous in colors of white, yellow, orange, pink or red. The structure of Gerbera is thought to be the exemplary Flower organism for analysing flower anatomy. As they belong to the Asteraceae Plant Family, Gerberas are also titled as Gerbera Daisies, as Daisy is the common suffix given to all plant types that belong to this family. Barberton Daisy, Ghostly Daisy, Hilton Daisy and Transvaal Daisy are some of the renowned Gerbera blooms. Wettish but not totally wet soils are perfect for the growth of Gerberas. The Hybrid Gerberas, the product of tissue culture, are the enduring ones whose petals open up in shadowiness; thus becoming fit for decorating interiors. Gerberas are bred in colors of orange, pink, dark red, blazing scarlet and light to dense yellow and in popularity rank 5th among cut flowers after carnation, rose, tulip and chrysanthemum. Eminent as “Bouquet Flowers”, Gerberas, mainly the Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies, are highly picked at the time of Mother’s Day for expressing admiration and affection to one’s mother.


Ranking 4th in choice of blooms of human society, the Lily is a so very pretty blossom. Whether for displaying over Vases or for growing as Shrub Borders, Garden Flower Beds, or as Flowering plants to simply enrich the view of the garden or for decorating Pool Sides or for designing Bouquets, Lily always remain the top choice of flower lovers and fans of floral decorations. Orange, yellow and white are the 3 principal colors in which the Lily is cultivated.

Essentially, Lily Spirited Bouquet of Engrossing Lilies is divided into the following 6 varieties:

Stargazer Lilies - Stargazer Lilies out-bloom during the departure of summer and are world-famous for having a divine essence.

Casablanca Lilies - Casablanca Lilies out-bloom at the time-phase of fall and are sought-after for their astounding white texture.

(Both a & b are Oriental in origin and are the prime picks for making Flower Arrangements.)

Calla Lilies - Calla Lilies( In Greek “Calla” means Beautiful) out-bloom during the Spring season’s second half and originate in South Africa. Mostly bred in yellow, orange, pink, green and purple colors, Calla Lilies are popular as indoor flowering plants and as flowers to array bedrooms.

Lily of the Valley - These fascinating minute flowers possess a bell shape and at one single time bloom in profusion. This Lily type is harvested allover Santa Barbara’s magnificent coast-line in California and is esteemed as Eve’s tears. Lily of the Valley is further entitled as the ‘the Stairs of Heaven’ for its beguiling incense that covers one total day and night.

Tiger Lilies - Found mainly in America’s water canals, these orange Lilies have a voluminous dimension and shimmering texture. The petals of these Lilies have tiger-like stripes over them and thereby come the name ‘Tiger’. Tiger Lilies possess an exquisite tender essence.

Eucharis Lilies - These Lilies own a vibrant white color and a bosom of greenish or yellowish shade. Eucharis Lilies originate in Central and South American warm areas, and are thus also called Amazon Lilies. Eucharis Lilies look like the cute Daffodils and own a energizing aroma.

Now know few details about the distinctive colors of Lily:

White Lily - Foresight, Judgmental Power, In-Vase Arrangement for House-Warming Occasions.

Orange Lily – Courage

Yellow Lily - Joyous Greetings, Wishing a Special Person Happy Birthday

Lily of the Valley - Mark of an Enriched Soul, Heightened Ecstasy, Tears of Virgin Mary.

Calla Lily - Perfection, Creamy Ivory Calla Lilies—Indispensable for arraying the tables and walls on the occasion of a wedding.

Eucharis Lily— “How Dynamic You are Lady!”.

Tiger Lily - “So Prosperous and Magnificent Our Days Are!”.

Easter Lily - Image of Virgin Mary in a Floral form.

Arrangement of Blue, Yellow and Red Lilies - Conveying New Graduates wishes for their opulent future.

White/Blue/Green Lilies - Appropriate to attend a Funeral Time.

Lilies are really the exuberant blossoms that have been and are desired by people to add luster to their lives.


The Magnolia blossom is a primitive to the Central and North American zones and to the state of West Indies. Its flowering plant is the earliest plant known by human race. The name ‘Magnolia’ is derived from the name of the French botanist Pierre Magnol. This flower offers itself in purple, pink and white colors and has a diameter 3-12 inches. The distinctiveness of the Magnolia blossom is imbibed in the fact that because of being made up of petal-like tepals and not of true petals and sepals, this blossom is not able to create honey. Alternately, it produces pollens in profusion and can be pollinated only by the beetles and not by the bees. This is so because the Magnolia Flowering plant evolved in the earth before the bees.

A variety of the Magnolia Flowering plant, the Southern Magnolia Flowering plant is a flora that scales upto the measure of 50 feet and is found mostly in North America. Magnolia is officially entitled as the state flower of USA’s Louisiana and Mississippi (Mississippi has the second name of "Magnolia State") and the essenced Magnolia Sieboldii (Siebold’s Magnolia) is the national floral symbol of North Korea. Houston, an American city, is famous as the “Magnolia City” for the profusion of Magnolias across the Buffalo Bayou. Antique Chinese medicine did avail the buds and bark of the Magnolia plant for remedying angiogenic and anxiety disturbances. The Magnolias are further upheld as healers of chest clogging, stomach disorders, lung ailments and crams in muscles.

Now know few details about the distinctive colors of Magnolia:

Magnolias (all colours) – Symbol of life’s womanly aspect.

White Magnolia - Chastity, Honor, Moon or any lunar Goddess’s Logo, Used for Monday Witchcraft.

Yellow Magnolia - Emblem of Sun or any solar Goddess or God, Used for Sunday Witchcraft.

Pink Magnolia - Symbol of Love Goddesses like Venus or Aphrodite, Endorses Womanhood, Passion and Fraternal Feel.

Purple Magnolia - Emblem of Roman Kings and Queens, Used for doing superstitions for government successes.


Orchids are native to the South Australian temperate zones and tropical areas of the earth. These are illustrious and shimmering Flowering Plants that have unique arched-at-the-top pattern and vibrant petals of 30 inches measure. A true mark of liveliness, Orchids is loved by those who truly praise wild beauty and are the pride of the Exotic Flower Family.

Following are the 2 noted types of Orchids:

Monopodial Orchids - They have a middle stem for growth and no false Flowering bulbs. In these plants, Flowers are produced from the stems amidst the leaves.

Symbodial Orchids – They have a Rhizome that allows the birth of a shoot, which, in consequence, matures into a stem and in time the green foliage and blooms are created from it. The base of this growth lets to the production of another new shoot and the alike process carry on.

Orchids Joyful Paradise Orchid Stems Arrangement, whether in bygone days or at present times, are always preferred by people on occasions of giving gifts to special ones of their lives. Through Orchids, the sender says to the receiver “How Much I Appreciate Your Elegant Persona!”. The beauty of a lady can be esteemed by gifting Orchids to her. When you want to say sorry to someone choose Orchids to convey your message as it is regarded that for their extended longevity, Orchids add gravity to your sorry feel. Gifting Orchids on first date exhibits the giver as a very mindful person to the recipient. Orchids are mainly selected at the stretch of Father’s Day (3rd Sunday of Every June) to utter to fathers “Papa I love You and Respect A Lot”.


The ultimate personification of elegance and enchantment, Rose is the absolute celebrated flower in the earth. It gets its name from the Latin Word “Rosa” and are native to Northern Persia. Presently, Rose gets cultivated in profusion in Netherlands. It is mainly cultured in white, yellow, pink, purple and red colors and varies from the climber breeds of 7 meters height to the tiny types.

The Rose Striking Summer Delight Special Mixed Roses in a Vase blossom has an astounding glory, a bewitching tenderness and an affecting essence. It gets divided into the following 3 kinds:

Species Rose - This is a 5-petal chromatic Rose that out-blooms for once during summer time. Wild Species Rose is its another title.

Old Garden Rose - This is a plant vine type Rose. Growing in bushes, this Rose comes in white and pastel colors and has a refreshing aroma. It can live for both winter ad summer seasons. Example: Damask Rose, Tea Rose and China Rose

Modern Rose - This is a crossbreed type Rose (between the Polyanthus (a Primrose type) and the Hybrid Tea Rose). It was first cultured after the year of 1867 and is grown in various solid and bright colors. Example: Floribunda Roses and Grandiflora Roses

For flower merchants and different floral markets, Rosa rugosa (Latin ‘rugosa’ standing for ‘wrinkled’) is the most preferred Species Rose. This type blossoms at spring time and has a bit crushed-like petals. Native of East Asia, Rosa is cultured in white and dark pink color and has a pleasurable fragrance.

Now know few details about the distinctive colors and sorts of Roses:

White Rose - Values, Morals, Fairness, Indispensable for decking up the Bride on the very day of her wedding, thus the title of Bridal Rose.

Yellow Rose - Being Friends, Angelic Connection, Energy, Homage, To gift on the occasion of House-Warming.

Red Rose - Always the Mark of thriving Sentiments of Affection, Craving, Love and Obsession, Valentine’s Day Gift among pairs who are committed, Choice Flower for Love Proposals, Red Rose’s 5 Red Petals are upheld as the hurts of Jesus Christ during His Killing.

Orange Rose - Courage, Dreams and Self-Esteem, Conveyor of Love.

Pink Rose - For expressing the first realization of Love; Light Pink Rose: One who is Benevolent; Deep Pink Rose: For thanking and being obliged to a Mentor; Pale Pink Rose: Being in Sympathy with a Dead Person’s Family.

Lavender Rose - Sign of Kinghood and Queenship, Desire and Being Attracted, Choice Valentine’s Day Gift among Fresh Lovers.

Green Rose - Tranquility, Relaxation, Words of “Have a Bountiful Life”.

Christmas Rose - Victory of Virtue over Vice, Happy Times at the end of Harassing Ones.

Damask Rose - Something that is Novel, Sprightliness, Love Messenger in the culture of Persia.

Garden Rose - “What a Charisma You Have!”, Sign of Fantasizing.

Wild Rose - Mark of One with an Open Heart.

Cream Rose - Fit as present for First Date.

Tea Rose - “Memories of You Never Cease to Come Back”.

Different-Coloured Rosebuds further say:

White Rosebud - Depicts Young Maidens.

Moss Rosebud - For Proposing to the One You Love.

Red Rosebud - Things that are Divine and Riveting.

We also denote that:

Crown made of Roses: The perfect adornment for a Triumphant.

Red and White Roses Duet: Togetherness of Two People in Love.

Bouquet of Matured Roses: “Thank You For Your Guidance”.

25 Red Roses: For Applauding or Congratulating a Person; 12 Red Roses: “I desire to Stay in Your Company till the End of Times” ;1 single Red Rose: “I have Fallen for You”.

1 single White Rose: Feelings that are Pure.

1 single Yellow Rose: “I want to be Friends with You”.

1 single Pink Rose: “I am so very Fond of You”.

1 single Orange Rose: “You are a Gem in My Life”.

1 single Lavender Rose: Sheer Obsession.

If you accept a Rose from someone with your right hand, then you convey that you are in agreement with that one’s thoughts and when you accept the same from the same one with your left hand, you convey your disagreement to that one’s views.

Roses of shade Pink and Red Roses: Constant choices to express “Happy Marriage Anniversary” as they are viewed as symbols of sentiments and method that lasts forever.


Tulips (Colourful Tulips) are the celebrated 6-petal blossoms which come in a wide array of colors and rank 3rd in world popularity in the floral community. Historically, Tulips are entitled as the emblem of the Ottoman Empire. Originally found in the lands of Siberia, Central Asia and China, Tulips are much adored by mankind for its peerless loveliness. Mainly out-blooming during the season of Spring, Tulips get divided into the following 3 sorts in relation to their time of out-blooming:

i) Early Flowering Tulips: These Tulips blossom at the phase of March and early April

ii) Midseason Flowering Tulips: These Tulips blossom during April and early May

iii) Late Flowering Tulips: These Tulips blossom definitely at May month

Now know few details about the distinctive colors of Tulips:

Tulip (all colours) - “Passion Drives My Affection For You”.

White Tulip - “You are Priceless for Me”, Classic White Fresh Touch Dutch Tulip Bouquet is a top choice for decorating occasions of wedding.

Red Tulips - “All I Feel is Love for You”, Correct Flower to be exchanged between married and committed twosomes on Valentine’s Day occasion.

Yellow Tulips - “Precious Is Your Smile My Love”, “Happy Birthday Dear”.

Pink/Violet Tulips - Perfect to give to your chosen one on the exclusive occasion of your First Date.

Multicoloured Tulips – “So Enchanting Your Eyes Are!”.


Zinnia is a very colorful flower that is much popular among gardeners for breeding in their gardens. It has a biconvex shape and is cultivated in shades of yellow, orange, pink, lilac, red, purple and white. A specific native of the water-less grasslands of South America and Southwestern America, the production of Zinnia happens at the time-phase of mid-summer till winter. Acquiring its name from the name of the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn, Zinnia is also found in the areas of Mexico and Central America. It is a choice flower of the butterflies.

The flowering plant of Zinnia (Gorgeous Flowers) falls under both the categories of annual Flowering shrubs and sub-shrubs. It grows from 10 to 100 cm in scale (4" to 40") and possesses stand-straight stems but without-stalk leaves. The horizontal and egg shape leaves of the Zinnia flowering plant come in hues of light to bright green. Humus-rich, fruitful and good irrigated soil and opulence of sunlight are the 2 prime requirements of the Zinnia flowers to live.

The following are the 2 sorts into which Zinnias are divided:

Zinnia Elegans - This sort of Zinnia is native to the hot Mexican lands. Also known as Zinnia Violacea, this flowering plant has sword-patterned and sand-feel leaves that measure from 15cm to 1 meter.

Zinnia Angustifolia - Again a Mexican variety, this Zinnia flowering plant is a dwarf bush-shaped flora that has a linear foliage in a linear pattern. The flowers of this plant are softer than Zinnia Elegans and come in white, orange and yellow colors.

Now know few details about the distinctive colors of Zinnia:

Zinnia (all colours) - “You are away, but You are in my thoughts always”.

White Zinnias - Praiseworthy Honor.

Yellow Zinnias - “I remember you 24*7”.

Magenta Zinnias - “I will adore you forever”.

Scarlet Zinnias - “ You are a true Hero”.

With these above-denoted mortally wondrous natural flowers, hand-designed artificial flowers have also become in present times a favored choice among people to gift to their close ones and to array the interiors of their homes. The art form of crafting artificial flowers was largely prevalent in the ancient cultures of Egypt, Rome, Italy, South America and China. While the Romans used gold and silver for practicing this art form, cocoons of silkworms were availed by the Italians for this purpose. The South Americans shaped artificial flowers by utilizing chromatic strands of birds’ feathers and the Egyptians chose smeared horn shavings and prismatic linen materials to design their artificial flowers and the Chinese on the other hand, offered artificial flowers composed of rice-papers. Gradually from the 18th century, this artwork achieved universal acclaim mainly due to the awe-inspiring skill of the artisans of Paris who learnt this enticing faculty from the Italians. The French immigrants popularized this craftsmanship in England and no sooner this artistry became a celebrated one in America.

At present times, materials such as paper, clay, silk, leather, soap, porcelain and plastic molds are selected by craftsmen to devise pleasurable forms of artificial flowers. Deviating from the old day methods, wired frames are used as the base for shaping these art-pieces and over them the primary material like silk, paper etc are molded to create the genial artificial flowers. Durable, cheap and anti-allergic, the Long Lasting Flowers Long Lasting – Excellent Silver n Purple have gained a considerable foothold as mind-catching tokens to present to dear ones and as modish show pieces to grace residences.