Add Flowers and Amplify Ceremonies in Bangalore
Unquestionably the beats of your hearts quicken with all the excitement when galas like New Year or Christmas arrive to fresh up souls with gladness and to brush up minds with coatings of euphoria. Happiness boosts up when shining and scented blossoms become parts and parcels of such galas. Whether for arraying a festive ambience or for gifting to near ones during convivial periods, flowers, like Premium Flowers are endowed with a natural allure and aura to inflate the rejoice of an exquisite time-phase.

Be acknowledged that, at pace with artistic spirit, distinctive flowers suit the fervor of distinctive days and if chosen rightfully, they do deck and double up the exclusiveness of a certain time-phase flawlessly. Select a Designed Celebration Floral Bouquet to say Thank You to a particular one or pick a Colour-Coordinated Arrangement of Mixed Gerberas to compliment a couple on their day of Wedding and just witness the magical joy that gets demonstrated on the recipients’ eyes.

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Carnations Mother’s Day, Condolence, New Year Customized Multi-Color or One-Color Bouquets, Wreath Designs, Basket Designs
Gerberas Thanksgiving, Wedding, Get Well Premium Bouquets, Mix-and-Match Collections, Big Vase Presentation

Whether for augmenting the essentiality of jubilant days or for lauding the seasons of blessedness and benevolence or for pacifying times of pain and grief, Flowers add the indispensable chaste touch to any and every occasion. Send Flowers to Bangalore and touch the chord of the heart of your endeared one with the purity of your affection for them. We put herein a presentation about how different flowers get suited to the vibes of different happenings:

Universal Celebrations - Dates like 1st of January, 14th of February, 25th of December and such others are observed throughout the globe with euphoria and idealism. When Flowers greet them, these celebrations become more sublime and sensational.

New Year - As ushers in a new year, hopes and dreams get renewed. January the 1st, the inaugural day of a New Year, is a time-stretch to elate and get enlivened up. The custom of embellishing households with shimmering and scented flowers and endowing relatives, pals and special ones with varied floral gifts is highly practiced everywhere during this time. Flower Collections like Sprays (of Carnations or Roses), Goldenrods,Mini Gerberas, Ruscus, or Gerberas and Carnations and Phalaenopsis Orchid or Floral Duos made up with Roses and Pincushion some of the favored picks for this integral day. House plants like Spathiphyllum and Solid Green Plantations are also bought on this day for welcoming the New Year. Example: Bouquet of Beautiful blushing Peach or Pink Roses, Enchanted Blossoms in a Lustrous Arrangement

Valentine’s Day - Deep down inside every human-being praises the purity and guts of the emotion called Love. Annually, on the 14th of February this emotion is officially celebrated across borders. Red Tulips, Lavender Roses and Red Roses fit perfectly to the fervor of this noble day. Red Tulips are the symbol of the love that sustains married and engaged relations and Lavender Roses are the logo of the love that thrives between two newly-connected persons. Red Roses certify about that love which helps in the maturing of a relationship. Example: Multi Coloured Heart Shaped Arrangements, Red Dutch Roses Basket

Mother’s Day - Per annum in the month of May, the second Sunday is internationally esteemed as the Mother’s Day. This day fetches an opportunity to every human-being to voice out to their mothers “I Love You So Much Ma” or “How Incomplete I Am Without You!” or “I Need You at Every Turn of My Life.” Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies, chromatic Iris Flowers, White Scented Narcissi, Lily of the Valley, Pink and Red Carnations and Orchid are the distinctive blooms to offer to Moms on this day. Example: Outstanding 12 Pink Carnations Bouquet with Happiness, Stunning Gerberas in Vase

Christmas - The angelic Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ took birth on this earth on 25th of December. Each Year, society of man-kind honors this day as the fiesta of Christmas. In-Bloom plants and enchanting flowers like the exquisite Christmas Cactus with Red or Pink Blooms and Green Leaves, Poinsettia Plants with Green Leaves and White or Red Blooms, the Paper White Flowers, the Red Berry Flowers and the Red Christmas Amaryllis Flowers are the top-selected ones both as presents for dear ones and as tinsels to array interiors. They multiply the celestial mirth of the Christmas. Example: Beautiful Fresh Seasonal Flower, Christmas Tree

Happenings - Definite occurrences in the regular tide of human life-cycle can also be finely graced by blooms and the cardinal spirit of these occurrences can be heightened up.

Birthdays - Choose Dandelions, Tulips and Lilies of color Yellow to utter “Wish You A Very Happy Birthday” on the special day of the ones you are fond of and pick Carnations of color Red and Marigolds of shade Golden when you need to wish your beloved on his/her Birthday. Example: Magnificent Bouquet of Fresh Lilies, Stunning Red Carnations

Weddings - Be acknowledged that White Rose is the timeless floral motif of the day of matrimony and is honored in every culture as the Bridal Rose. Be it as the adornment for the hair of the bride, or as the frill of the bridesmaids’ dresses or as the boutonniere of the groom’s suit, White Rose remains the top-notch choice for all the three aspects. It is essentially knitted to the mirthful virtuosity of wedlock ceremonies. The popular and covetable Wedding Bouquets principally get made up with white and creamy Flowers like gleaming White Stephanotis, surrounded by blazing Green, smooth leaves or other White floral Collections such as Classic White Fresh Touch Dutch Tulips Bouquet, or Creamy Ivory Calla Lilies Bouquet. White Peonies of color White and the venerable White Gardenias are also very sought-after blooms to enrich the day of marriage, exclusively as embellishments over the wall or above the table. Example: Assorted Flowers 3 Tier Arrangement, Daunting Blossoms in an Enticing Premium Arrangement

Wedding Anniversaries - If you desire to greet a couple with Flowers on the day of their nuptial anniversary, then keep in mind that your choice of flower should fit to the year of the anniversary at which you are wishing. Say “I Wish You Both A Very Happy Anniversary” to a pair who are married for 5 years by bestowing White Daisy Flowers to them and for a duo whose marriage is a decade old, pick the Creamy Daffodils for them. Voice out “Happy 25th Anniversary” to a pair with the flashing Iris Flowers as the token for them and laud the 50th Anniversary of an elderly duet by presenting to them the overwhelming Violet blooms. When the anniversary doesn’t fall under these definite times, then transmit your Anniversary greetings to your endeared pair by electing Pink and Red Roses as gifts. It is believed that Roses in these two shades upheld the esteem and the passion that couples have for each other. Example: Simply Stunning Premium Arrangement of Flowers in a Basket, Artistic Expression of Romance Collection

Thanking and Apologizing - You feel touched by the aid and the guidance that someone has rendered to you in times of your need. Utter “Thank You So So Much” or “Only You Showed Me The Way” by presenting that individual Roses of shade dark Pink. Now when you know that you have hurt someone’s feelings and it is expected that you should say Sorry to the person then you can select either of the following 2 Floral Collections: Arrangement of Orchids, White Roses and Purple/Blue Hyacinths (the Blue ones intensify the regretfulness) and another is patterned with the blushing Sweet Annabelle, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Orchids and Dianthus. In both the arrangements, Orchids remain constant because it is regarded that the enduring capacity of the Orchids strengthen the 5 letters of “SORRY” all the more. Example: Embracing Pureness Flower Arrangement, Vibrant Blooms Purple Orchid Stems Bunch

House-Warming Parties - When an invitation for a house-warming party reaches you, choose flowers as the right souvenir to bestow to the lucky owners of the new abode. But make it a point to gift floral collections that are truly elegant. Well-known cut Blooms such as White Lilies/Yellow Roses/White Alpine Asters/ Purple Sweet Pea Flower and alike others can be arrayed in Vases with water and such an arrangement can become a thumbs-up house-warming gift that surely leaves your mark in the minds of the owners of the house. Example: Vibrant Selection of Yellow and Red Coloured Roses in Basket, Gladsome Bouquet of Startling Lilies

Funerals - On a grave day like a Condolence event, connecting with the near ones of the late one and praying for the eternity of the soul of the departed one; both can be done by electing the correct blooms. For such a day, Chrysanthemums, Gladiolas, Roses and Lilies in colors of Blue or Green or White are the suitable ones for praying for the dead one. You can moreover pick Carnations and Daisies of color White to recognize the gravity of the day and Roses of color Pale Pink will help you to silently but meaningfully share the grief of the close ones of the departed. Example: Bouquet of White Mixed Flowers, Blossoming Bouquet of White Carnations

Get Well - Opulent Green House Plants, Dark Red and Yellow Seasonal Flowers and the glimmering Marigolds; you can select any of these to gift and cheer up a sick one with true-felt wishes for the one’s speedy recovery. Example: Beautiful Bunch of Carnations of Yellow Colour, Expressive Sunshine Mixed Gerberas Bouquet and Balloons

Puja - The two famed Indian celebrations of Rakhi (the Chaste Chord Ceremony) and Diwali (the fiesta of Lights) get their celestial and cheering vibes multiplied when glorious blossoms become a part of them. As we all know, the fete of Rakhi is celebrated every August on a day which is followed by a full moon night. At this fete, an Indian sister arrays the right wrist of her brother with a religious thread and thus they get pledged to each other for safeguarding and patronizing one another forever. Gift exchange between the brother-sister pairs is a merry custom of Rakhi. Along with cheering presents, Flowers such as Yellow, Pink and White Gerberas, Mixed Colour Carnations, Yellow Asiatic Lilies, Yellow Roses and Purple Orchids are the top choices of brothers and sisters to endow each other with during Rakhi. The time-stretch of mid-October to mid-November is another sacred period for the Indians since during this phase the holy gala of Diwali is celebrated in India and by Indians internationally. Worship of Goddess Lakshmi is done during Diwali for affluence in life. Flowers like Roses, Orchids and Carnations of various colours are tributed to Goddess Lakshmi with the faith that She is fond of these hues. Other popular Blossoms that are availed to present to close ones on Diwali are Calla Lilies, Pink Gerberas, Peach Roses, Spray Roses, Ruby Red Roses, Mixed Carnations Bouquet are some of the other noted blooms preferred by human society to endow endeared ones with on Diwali.

As Ornaments - Red Roses, White Lilies, White Zinnias, Jasmine Blooms, Jasmine Buds Colourful Tropical Flowers, Blue and Purple Orchid Flowers, Yellow and Orange Marigolds, Seasonal White Flowers in the patterns of Bangles, Tiaras, Maang Tikka (Ornament worn in the middle of the Hair and Forehead), Plait-Jewelry (Flowers used for covering the Plait), Anklets and Garlands are very desirable floral jewelleries that women prefer to deck up themselves ad augment their in-born charisma.

With the purity of their beauty, Bloms are empowered to glorify and stimulate the feel of a certain day. All you need to do is to elect the fitting flower in its fitting color for the fitting phase.